Come join our Trades @ FACEBOOK and post your items there :) Spread out to more potential buyers!

We aim to help show your lovely clothes and fashion items to more potential buyers. So we've open up our Facebook group to everyone to publish their clothes there too!

How to publish at Trades @ FACEBOOK?
1. Click 'Like' to join our Facebook group.
2. You can copy paste the url link of your post at Trades in our Facebook wall.
3. Or you can upload 1 photo of your item with details at our Facebook wall. (DON'T FORGET your EMAIL)

Why should you join Trades @ FACEBOOK?
1. It's an extra exposure for you selling item.
2. Invite your friends to join too so they can be updated easily on things you're selling!
3. The more people join, the more people will see your selling item. Potential buyer % is higher!


About Trades+©


One day I look at my closet full of clothes...
Clothes that I bought but never wear.
Clothes that is not right for my size :(
Clothes that was an impulse purchase.
Clothes that I worn once or a few times and never anymore.

I stare at lovely clothes in online boutiques that some I'm afraid might not be my size or just not the type for me. I drool (literally) over gorgeous cloth at shops which I might just wear once or twice.
What if I could sell it back to other people as pre-loved?
So Trades was born :)
But then again...
Trades+ is a special platform for only 100 members to post re-sell their clothes. A special space just for members :)

All I need to do now is take care of all the clothes to ensure it's still in good quality and I can shop with lesser worries!

I'm sharing Trades with you and hope it would be a help to you too :)


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